Julian Assange Has A Warning For Whistleblowers Like Bradley Manning (VIDEO)


SBS radio journalist Kristina Kukolja asked WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange what impact Bradley Manning’s sentence would have on future whistleblowers.

During the interview Assange revealed he will enable Australian politicians to leak secret government information if elected to parliament.

Julian Assange was speaking from the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and he told he would “give every senator a secure USB stick to pass on information about corruption.”

Assange is contending for the Australian Senate in the federal election on September 7 this year.

But because of the various scandals and controversies surrounding him, he's stuck in the Ecuadorian embassy in London avoiding extradition to Sweden over sexual assault claims while he hopes to travel to Ecuador where he's been offered political asylum.

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According to the Wikileaks founder, the ‘intent’ of sentencing Bradley Manning is to terrify possible ‘sources’ within the US military to warn and inform journalists of war crimes going on under the government’s nose. Assange cited Snowden’s example and how he had also mentioned the ‘immoral’ conduct of the US government with Bradley Manning and how it motivated him to speak out.

Assange was of the opinion that this sort of behavior with whistleblowers would not have any discouraging impact on future sources. But he said caution was necessary as the job was dangerous.

In a wide-ranging interview, Julian Assange said that “self-preservation” will force the major parties to act.

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