Justin Trudeau Just Made History For Women's Rights In Canada

The newly elected Prime Minister of Canada is already improving the country that appointed him.

History In The Making

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems determined to seize the title of “internet’s favorite” away from Chris Pratt and his most recent announcement just might get him there.

On Wednesday Trudeau announced that – for the first time in the nation’s history - the Canadian cabinet will house an equal number of male and female members.

The Canadian cabinet is made up of 31 members (including Trudeau himself), 15 of which will now be female.

Several of these women come from more diverse and interesting backgrounds than the traditional cabinet member.

According to Mashable, “Canada's new Minister of Health, Jane Philpott, is a family physician. Its new Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities, Carla Qualtrough, is a blind Paralympian. And, Chrystia Freeland, a former journalist at Reuters, will be Minister of International Trade.”

The Canadian political elite is strongly in favor of the decision.

“These are very strong, able, capable women,” said Frances Lankin, a former MP, to Metro News. “They will make their mark. Some will soar to the highest heights of competency, recognition, and accomplishment—just as some men—and there will be some who turn out not to be so apt at the job—just as some men. If there is any talk of tokenism, it will disappear.”

When asked why he made these appointments Trudeau’s response was simply to say, “It’s 2015.”


Equality Not Publicity

What makes this decision so powerful is Trudeau’s strong commitment to gender parity, not pointless publicity.

He did not simply appoint one woman to a small department and make a big deal about it for the press. Nor did he create a female-dominated cabinet just for the headlines.

Trudeau has created what should be present in many more political organizations: equality.

Equal footing is what men and women deserve. Men should not be valued above women politically, and women should not be used as token’s to gain publicity.

Men and women should be treated with parity and equality.

Only then can their unique differences be leveraged and their egos be properly managed in order to achieve the greatest results. 

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