Kansas Waitress Tells Governor To "Tip The Schools" Instead Of Her

A Kansas waitress refused to accept the state’s governor’s tip, instead wanting him to “tip the schools” instead.

tip the schools receipt

Chloe Hough crossed out the line where customers can add their gratuity on Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s receipt instead writing, “Tip the schools.”

Hough posted a photo of the receipt to Facebook and told  local news station KSNT that Brownback is “robbing Kansas of equal opportunity.”

Hough strongly opposes Brownback’s recent educational reform changes. Brownback cut taxes in 2012 and 2013 which in turn created a $344 million budget pitfall. In order to resolve this economic standstill, Brownback has made budget cuts to the state’s education system. The governor has gone as far as to propose cutting $44.5 million to the education budget this year. He even made the state’s education funding into a block grant program which freezes funding for two years, a move that has been sharply criticized by teachers and school administrators across the state.

After astutely demanding Brownback tip the schools rather than her, Hough quit her waitressing job.

“I just knew I had to say something or I would regret it,” she said.

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