Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Masterfully Destroys Ben Carson In Time Magazine

Not only is he possibly the best basketball player of all time, he is also an astoundingly good writer. Check out his views on a Carson presidency and weep for your lack of talent.

The Man, The Myth, the Legend

kareem abdul jabbar

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar may be the greatest basketball player of all time. The man’s accomplishments on the court are too numerous to name and his post-basketball career is perhaps even more impressive.

Whereas other athletes resign themselves to representing t-shirt companies or fast food chains; Abdul-Jabbar has become an accomplished filmmaker, an outspoken education ambassador, and a regular columnist for Time magazine.

His most recent article is, for one thing, beautifully written — It is frustrating that some people can be so talented at so many different thing — and for another, it is an absolutely scathing editorial against current GOP front-runner Ben Carson.


The Article

The crux of the article is Abdul-Jabbar’s attempts to answer one question, “Would President Ben Carson be good for African Americans?” 

“Ben Carson is good for African Americans in that he is a deeply moral man who has done much good as a physician and now wants to upsize his good-doing on a national and global scale,” Abdul-Jabbar wrote, “…However, he chose to run for president of the U.S., and that’s bad for African-Americans. His repressive, muddled and pious policies and opinions often run against our Constitution—but his questionable proposals will likely, thankfully, be doomed by his lack of political expertise.”


The rest of the article is devoted to similar diatribes against Carson’s views towards education, science, poverty, and African American values. Abdul-Jabbar ends the article by writing that:

“We are always striving to do better for our people by fulfilling the promise of a democratic Eden here and now. How we participate in that revolution determines who we really are. These are the times when all Americans need a champion willing to fight hard to fix the problems that affect people from all walks of life, not deny or ignore them. Ben Carson is not that champion.”


The Aftermath

Since this article was released several headlines have cropped up that paint Abdul-Jabbar as attacking Carson for his Christian values.

This was not the point of the article for Abdul-Jabbar. The point was to demonstrate his strong opposition to a Carson presidency and to encourage other African Americans to think critically about whom they cast their vote for in 2016.

 This was a well thought out, well researched, and masterfully written piece and it should be read in its entirety not reduced to erroneous sound bites.

Unfortunately, sound bites seem to be all that people can handle these days. 

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