Karl Rove's Explanation of Obama's Win Provides Insight Into His Parallel Universe

Owen Poindexter
Karl Rove offered some telling statistics on why Obama defeated Mitt Romney, then provided a bizarre interpretation and an example of incredibly wishful thinking.

Karl Rove offered some telling facts from exit polls about why Barack Obama defeated Mitt Romney. Then he offered an even more telling interpretation, which gave us a glimpse at the parallel world that Mr. Rove occupies:

“53% in the exit polls said that Romney’s policies would only help the rich and they voted for Obama by a 9 to 1 margin. For the 21% of the electorate who said that the most important characteristic for the president is that he cares about people like me, they voted for Obama by almost a 9 to 1 margin.”

Rove correctly identifies two overlapping sentiments about Romney: that he does care about the rich, and he doesn’t care about the middle class.

Reader, were you, as Rove is, a top Republican strategist, what conclusion would draw from these exit polls? Perhaps that the G.O.P. needs to become the party of the middle class. That they should nominate someone with a working class background and reputation. That they need to do a better job connecting to voters on an emotional level. That Mitt Romney should not have said things like, “I’m not concerned about the very poor,” and “47% of the country are dependent,” and “corporations are people, my friend.”

Something like that, right? Sure, if you’re the rational type. Rove increasingly is not. His explanation was that Obama “suppressed the vote,” with character attacks on Romney. He didn’t even consider the possibility that Obama had shown an actual connection to the voters. He assumed that most people don’t like the president, even after quoting statistics that strongly suggest that many of them do.

Even when Rove can’t have his own facts, he has no trouble clinging to his own reality.

Now the Republican governors of Ohio and Florida, THOSE guys are the ones suppressing the vote!