Kate Middleton Gets Her High Heel Stuck In A Grate At St Patrick's Day Parade (VIDEO)

The Duchess of Cambridge laughed off a mishap on Sunday as she attended annual St Patrick's Day celebrations at the Aldershot Barracks in England.

The Duchess of Cambridge laughed off a mishap on Sunday as she attended annual St Patrick's Day celebrations at the Aldershot Barracks in England.

Britain's Prince William and his wife Catherine, who is five months pregnant with the couple's first child, were meeting with the 1st Battalion Irish Guards.

The Duchess, fondly referred to as Kate, presented officers and guards with sprigs of shamrock for the Irish celebration, in a tradition dating back to 1901 when it was started by Queen Alexandra.

Moments after pinning a shamrock to the collar of the regimental mascot, an Irish wolfhound, Kate appeared to stumble as she took a step backwards.

The heel of her black suede shoe appeared to be stuck in a metal grate.

Grasping her husband's hand, she swiftly bent down to pull the heel from the grate.

Prince William watched on with a smile on his face, as Kate stood back up, grinning.

The mishap was over within a matter of seconds and the Duchess appeared unfazed by the sticky situation.

Watch the video above.

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