Watch How Anderson Cooper Was Forced To Live His Worst Nightmare On New Year’s Eve VIDEO

Comedian Kathy Griffin has a long-standing tradition of shocking television viewers with her inappropriate behavior, which includes dirty jokes, stripping, and dropping F-bombs, during CNN's live New Year's Eve broadcast.

This year, however, something equally weird was in store for viewers and Griffin’s New Years co-host Anderson Cooper.

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Cooper apparently had had enough of his co-host’s nonsense and this year he decided to control her antics with a large sign listing some important rules: "No Swearing, No Stripping, No Touching, No Simulations."

Griffin, as unstoppable as ever, responded to his instructions by signing Miley Cyrus' name on the poster.

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She surprised everyone later by doing something so bizarre that even Anderson was shocked by it.

Watch the video to find out what Griffin had in store for her co-host.

"I have been planning this for weeks,” Griffin revealed, beaming with glory. "Only three people in the world knew I was going to do this."

“This is truly my worst nightmare," Cooper responded. "I will gnaw off my hand."

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