Here's What Katy Perry Will Look Like As A Man

April, 23, 2014: Yes, yes, yes! All five of these seemingly different and bizarre characters are Katy Perry.

Now Katy Perry has made a lot of weird videos. However, it’s pretty safe to say that her upcoming video is by far, the strangest of all. Katy Perry transforms into four different bizarre people.

While the full-length music video debuts Thursday, Perry plays several characters in a minute-long teaser posted on her twitter account on Monday.  You can catch the full ‘Birthday’ video on April 24.

Together, all her characters are meant to be the world's worst birthday party entertainers. It’s hard to tell which character is the weirdest of all. Let’s review and contemplate:

Goldie: Here we catch a glimpse of what we hope Perry will not look like in the next 35 years - a boozy retired Vegas dancer. Oh and she explains the origins of her name “Goldie” by giving a furtive glance at her chest or “golden nuggets” as Katy puts it.


Yousef Shalum: Perry is literally unrecognizable as a Jewish MC, which many have found deeply offensive. Yousef makes jokes about a Rabbi who performed “free circumcision”


A Craigslist Clown:You can finally make out that this is Perry. Here Perry is a rather depressing clown who goes out of her way to explain that this is not a job – just something she does on the side for money.


Ace The Animal Trainer: Perry looks like “Papa Smurf”

Princess Mandee:  Here Katy is a princess who likes to tweets and “paints little girl’s faces and stuff”

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