Kazakh Village's Mysterious Sleeping Illness Has Scientists Baffled

Villagers in Kazakhstan's Kalachi village often fall asleep for days, and medical science doesn't have a clue why.

The village of Kalachi in Kazakhstan harbors a mysterious illness that has local scientists baffled. This mini town's residents are prone to falling asleep at any time of the day without any control over themselves whatsoever and wouldn't wake up for days.

A team of journalists from Russian channel RT recently visited this strange piece of land which is located roughly 445 kilometers from Kazakh capital of Astana. Upon investigations they found out that the 680 inhabitants of Kalachi are deeply distressed with a sleeping epidemic that has affected approximately 10 percent of their total population.

This epidemic apparently started around two years ago and comes in waves. Local scientists have tried to find out the reason why a sizeable chunk of Kalachi's community fall into sleeping mode for days in a single stretch without any prior warnings. When they wake up, they show no ill effects or signs of any brain damage.

Ruling out the genetic disorder debate is the fact that outsiders visiting Kalachi have also sometimes fallen prey to this phenomenon, which the locals call 'Sleepy Hollow.'

Some believe that Kalachi's defunct Soviet-era uranium mines might be the reason behind it. But while water samples as well as radiation levels have been checked by Kazakh scientists, they haven't been able to make any links. Kalachi's environment did show slightly elevated levels of Radon Gas, but it isn't enough to be deemed the reason of the area's sleeping disorder. Besides, uranium poisoning is said to affect the state of human organs, but so far, no such symptoms have been detected in this case.

A follow-up report by VICE suggests that one of narcolepsy or Mass Psychological Illness could also be behind it as both are capable of creating similar sleeping condition. However, the fact that outside visitors have also gotten caught in it debunks those theories and once again points towards a geographical or environmental abnormality. The need is for international researchers to take notice and rid the troubled natives of Kalachi from this menace.

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