“American Jihad” Is The Only Way The U.S. Can Fight ISIS, According To A Fox Genius

Seriously, Dr. Ablow? Here’s what a Fox News contributor thinks the United States should do if the world refuses to embrace its “democratic” principles: wage jihad – the American way.

Keith Ablow

Keith Ablow, a doctor and an analyst for the conservative news channel  called for an "American jihad" in a column published this week.

"An American jihad would embrace the correct belief that if every nation on earth were governed by freely elected leaders and by our Constitution, the world would be a far better place," he wrote. "And an American jihad would not only hope for this outcome, but work toward it."

Calling military intervention a “God-given right” because Americans “have been to the mountaintop of freedom,” the doctor believes that jihad is the only way to save the world.

But how exactly would this plan be achieved? Ablow has provided an answer to this question as well:

"We would tie American aid to incremental changes not just in the attitudes, but in the fundamental structures, of countries. These changes would move those countries, slowly but inexorably, toward reflecting our Constitution in their own charters."

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Watch Ablow reiterating his point during an appearance on “Fox and Friends” in the video below:

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