In Kennesaw, Churches Are Good To Go But Mosques Are Not

Church, OK! Mosques? No way! If this is not Islamophobia then what is?

kennesaw mosque

Kennesaw, Georgia's city council has disallowed the opening of a Muslim mosque on a small storefront space despite letting a Christian church do exactly that just a few months ago, according to an 11 Alive report.

The local Muslim community of Kennesaw had approached their city's council to seek permission of setting a small mosque at a rented retail space. The owner of the storefront had no qualms about the plan, and they had already agreed to comply with the city attorney's terms and conditions, which included capping the lease term and the number of worshippers allowed.

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Still, their petition was this week voted down 4-1 by the council's five-member board without any reason being given. Mayor Mark Matthews had last month explained that the decision was simply about the proper usage of property and had nothing to do with Islamophobia. The authenticity of his explanation, however, went out the window when 11 Alive reported that Kennesaw gave a Christian group the green signal for similar plans earlier this month.

While the council didn't reveal their real feelings about the Muslim minority, the ordinary citizens had no such problem. 

"They're training their kids how to do terrible things to Americans," one anti-Muslim protestor told 11 Alive. "And we're trying to stop it."

Folks on the Internet though were a lot saner, as evident in these tweets:

The Muslim community is considering suing the city.

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