Kentucky Student’s Dorm Room Confrontation with Police Goes Viral (VIDEO)

A video of a student from University of Kentucky, confronting campus police for more than a few minutes before they finally storm into his dorm room has gone viral.

A video of a student from University of Kentucky, confronting campus police for more than a few minutes before they finally storm into his dorm room has gone viral.

The student in the video is claiming that the campus police have violated his Fourth Amendment rights by entering his room without consent.

He shot the whole confrontation scene with the police officers via his laptop after he allegedly dumped alcohol out of his dorm room window.

Dorm Room Confrontation

From the very beginning of the video, the student can be heard over and over again, profanely challenging the police officers. However, police rushed in and even looked through his fridge for alcohol.

The officers also told him they'll have him removed from the university for aggression towards them, and challenged him to place the video on YouTube.

Listen man, do you want to be kicked out of the university?” one officer is heard asking. “I can pave that road.”

Dorm Room Confrontation


According to the UK's housing policy, "authorized personnel" have the right to enter a student's room if they have "reason to believe that a violation of university policy is taking place in the room." But authorization to enter a student's room under the policy "does not constitute authorization to conduct a search of the room."

According to a recent update, the University of Kentucky has fired the officer seen in the video, who threatened to have the student removed from campus.

After a thorough internal investigation, the officer in question has been terminated from his employment at the University of Kentucky, effective immediately," said UK Police Chief Joe Monroe. "The officer in question had inappropriate physical contact with a student. The officer, as a result, was in violation of a number of university employment policies.”

The video has outraged some of the Redditors; let’s see what they have to say about it:


Top of Form

That cop doesn't actually have the power to get him expelled from the university.

Edit: I should point out that there are a lot of things both legal and illegal the campus police can do to mess with this kid, but they can't just kick out people they don't like.

What they can do

1) Keep tabs on him, bust up any party they think he or his friends are at (I bet his friends will be super happy with him!)

2) Constantly harass him. "You've been stopped because you smell like marijuana." -- "I don't even smoke weed you cockless dickcunt" -- "Sit down on the curb." -- "I don't have time for this I have to go take a test." -- "SIT DOWN ON THE CURB NOW."

3) So many traffic violations.

4) Illegal - Plant drugs on him.

5) Illegal - Beat the shit out of him. (Somewhere less public than University Housing). He probably shouldn't go smoke in a secluded spot if he does that.

6) Send this video to his mom.


at this very moment, someone has forwarded this video to his mom, and she is pissed.


You're doing God's work, son.


Yep, they just put in an incident report to the complex coordinator that they suspected it, that he was being belligerent, and that he wouldn't let them in.

University Housing departments usually operate by a 51% rule, where the complex coordinator will meet with the kid and say, "I'm at least 51% sure you were drinking, and since you were being an ass, you can't live here anymore. Bye."

He'll probably still be able to attend the university though, since drinking in residence halls (usually) can't get you kicked out of anything but the residence halls.


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