Kigali Grenade Attack Follows Kagame's Rwanda Election Win

With few strong opponents running against him, there was never much doubt that Rwanda President Paul Kagame would be reelected for an additional seven-year term. Today, electoral commissioners announced that Mr. Kagame had won the Aug. 9 election with a staggering 93 percent of the vote. Kagame’s authoritarian style – his government has banned two newspapers and arrested journalists and opposition leaders in the run-up to the election – may rub Western governments and human rights activists the wrong way. But it's a style that many Rwandans often justify, pointing to what they see as the constant threat of instability, such as today's grenade attack in the capital, Kigali. More than a dozen people were wounded in the blast, according to initial reports. It's the fourth grenade attack in the capital this year. Such disturbances – together with the country's brutal history of ethnic massacres and the genocide of 1994 – justify Kagame's tight control of society, his supporters say.