Kim Jong-un Climbs North Korea’s Sacred Volcanic Mountain For ‘Mind Power’

The North Korean leader supreme reportedly had quite an eventful weekend.

Kim Jong-un is a man of many alleged talents. After shocking the world with his uncanny ability to drive by the age of 3, he is now making headlines for his spectacular mountain climbing skills.

The North Korean dictator recently took a hike to his country’s highest summit Mount Paektu with a group of top air force pilots, army and party officials, according to KCNA. Kim was reportedly at the volcanic mountain to commemorate the death of his father Kim Jong-il, who was believed to be born on this peak – even though most historians claim he was born in Russia.

The 32-year-old not only scaled the snow-covered 9,000-foot mountain near the Chinese border, he did it only wearing a long overcoat and leather shoes.

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Kim also visited Korean People's Army pilots who have completed a tour of battle sites in the area of Mt. Paektu. Addressing the ceremony, the dictator emphasized on the importance of climbing the mountain, claiming it provides mental energy even more so than the weapons of mass destruction.

“When one climbs snow-stormy Mt. Paektu and undergoes the blizzards over it, one can experience its real spirit and harden the resolution to accomplish the Korean revolution,” the state run media quoted Kim as saying to the troops. “Climbing Mt. Paektu provides precious mental pabulum more powerful than any kind of nuclear weapon.”

Mount Paektu is considered a scared place in North Korean folklore, playing a vital role in the propaganda glorifying Kim’s family for their supposed “Mt. Paektu” bloodline.

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