Kim Jong-Un Reveals The "Real" Reason A 2nd Korean War Was Thwarted

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un has some news for people who think negotiations prevented a dangerous military standoff on the Korean peninsula.

Kim Jong

It had been a rather tense week on the Korean peninsula ever since North Korea announced it was putting its troops on “war footing” last Friday.

A deal was eventually reached between the two countries on Aug. 24 as Seoul agreed to halt anti-North propaganda broadcasts and Pyongyang agreed to express regrets over the wounding of South Korean soldiers.

While the world is crediting peace negotiations at the the Panmunjom truce village, Kim Jong-Un has a very different opinion on the matter.

The North Korean dictator clarified it was nuclear weapons – not table negotiations – that secured this week's "landmark" agreement with South Korea.

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The pact “was by no means something achieved on the negotiating table, but thanks to the tremendous military muscle with the nuclear deterrent for self-defense," Kim told a meeting of the his Central Military Commission, as per a report by the North's official KCNA news agency.

Although peace is – sort of – restored in the embattled region with the cooperation of North Korean officials, Kim has reportedly sacked some members of the ruling party's Central Military Commission, something many believe is punishment for allowing the recent standoff with South to escalate to a “wartime state.”

KCNA said the meeting "dismissed some members of the WPK Central Military Commission and appointed new ones and dealt with an organizational matter."

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