Have You Noticed Kim Jong Un’s Disappearing Eyebrows?

Apparently, Kim Jong Un is losing his eyebrows. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un delivered a rather important speech last week in which he said Pyongyang is open to engaging in “high-level talks” with South Korea.

Kim Jong Un

The message, however, failed to grab headlines because something else attracted the attention of news reporters – especially the ones working at the South China Morning Post.

The Chinese newspaper noted that the North Korean supreme leader’s eyebrows are pulling a disappearing act.

“In what appeared to be a case of severe over-plucking, Kim’s brows appeared to be significantly shorter than on earlier occasions, sitting above his eyes like little dashes,” South China Morning Post reported.

Kim Jong Un

Although it’s a little hard to tell the difference at a glance, a closer look gives an idea of the disappearing edges of his brows.

Salons across North Korea are reportedly going crazy over this new trend as citizens of the Hermit Kingdom are trimming their eyebrows short.

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Although there is a lot more – serious – stuff happening in North Korea, Kim’s appearance has been the primary focus of international media scrutiny over the past couple of years.

Kim’s absence from public for three weeks in September 2014 sent news organizations all over the world in to a frenzy publishing hundreds of articles and features, guessing possible reasons behind his “mysterious” disappearance.

It’s strange but also undeniable that Kim Jong Un’s personality has a rather magnetic effect on news reporters all over the world.

However, the commentary on his eyebrows was undoubtedly a much-need comic relief after the Sony Pictures hacking scandal, which the United States government believes (but is unable to prove) was planned by North Korea.

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