Kim Jong-Un Fawns Over Nation's First Female Supersonic Jet Pilots

The dictator reportedly called the two pilots “flowers of the sky.”

Kim Jong Un meets North Korea's first female fighter pilots

It’s no secret that Kim Jong-Un is extremely proud of his country’s armed forces.

Therefore, it’s pretty believable that when he attended the inaugural training session of the country’s first female fighter jet pilots, he was so delighted that he hailed the two women as “flowers of the sky” and “heroes of North Korea.”

As Pyongyang’s state-controlled media reports, the North Korean dictator watched the two pilots, Jo Kum Hyang and Rim Sol, take off and land with “great satisfaction.” The women were also presented with huge bouquets in front of their leader who credited their successful drill to the pilots’ “noble revolutionary spirit, ideological acceptance of the party's training-first policy and loyalty to the Supreme Commander."

“The girls' solo flight of supersonic fighters in which it is hard for men to fly is a success to be proud of in the world,” Kim reportedly said of the latest flight, perhaps failing to realize that women have been flying fighter jets in other countries for past few decades.

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North Korea's first female fighter pilots

Meanwhile, the pilots said they would guard Kim with their lives, by flying “in the aerial front line,” in order to “safeguard Kim Jong-Un through a thousand miles of clouds and 10,000 miles of fire,” reports KCNA.

This is not the first time the North Korean oppressor has commended Hyang and Sol. In November 2014, he praised them for completing a flying pursuit drill, noting that “it is highly praiseworthy for young girls to singly pilot a pursuit plane, a job hard even for a man.”

Although Korean People’s Air Force is considered to be the fifth-largest air force in the world, CNN reports the pilots were flying what appears to be the Soviet era MiG-21 supersonic fighter jets or perhaps a Chinese version of that aircraft the Chengdu J-7 supersonic fighter jet – both of which date back to the 1950s.

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