Kim Jong-Un Flaunts His Refurbished Private Jet In Latest Photoshoot

Kim J to the world: Yo, check out my new flying machine.

Kim Jong Un

A fancy airplane is one of the first things that most tyrannical dictators add to their collection after coming into power. But North Korea's Kim Jong-un didn't have that luxury, until now.

He did have a private jet, but it looked all white and drab, and certainly not fit to fly the Supreme Leader all over ... well, North Korea. But thanks to some remodeling, Kim's Soviet Ilyushin IL-62 now has a classic interior.

kim jong un

Equipped with expensive woodwork, plush curtains and comfortable leather chairs, the Air Force Un is now on par with the luxurious aircrafts of most world leaders.

The world came to know of Kim's refurbished plane when he used it to oversee the construction of an apartment block a day before the birth anniversary of his late father, Kim Jong-Il. The state-run Korean Central News Agency released Kim's photos in and around the jet and then released it to international media, so we can know that Kim flies in style too.

kim jong un

It's just that despite the fancy interior, Kim's plane remains the Ilyushin Il-62, which has now been retired by most of the world's airlines and costs just £65,000.

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