Kim Jong Un Has A New Enemy: Weather

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un takes up a new role: weather forecaster.

Kim Jong Un just hates it when he leaves home to oppress and starve his people and doesn't take an umbrella. 

The North Korean leader isn't content to only complain about inaccurate weather forecasts like the rest of us. He's taking it to the next level, chastising North Korean forecasters publicly for incorrectly predicting the weather.

The problem with that is people Kim chastises tend to go missing after awhile. 

Kim decided to lend his expert hand by giving "field guidance" to forecasters, telling them that weather forecasts must be routed in science to protect the country from disasters, state-run newspaper Rodong Sinmun reported. The forecasters were forced to stand around as Kim lectured them on their jobs.

"He called on the service to rapidly and kindly provide information about weather's influence upon the people's life, health, transport, etc. in diverse methods," according to the newspaper.

Funny, no mention how systematic starvation, gulags and the constant threat of punishment for minor offenses influences North Koreans' life and health.

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