Watch Shopkeepers Band Together To Chase Down Knife-Wielding Robbers

Six robbers who barged into a jeweler shop got stuck when they were confronted by an extremely supportive community of shopkeepers in Kingsbury, London.

Who needs to worry about being held up when you're surrounded by people like these?

A recently released video shows a community of shopkeepers chasing knife-wielding ram-raiders who managed to steal $30,000 worth of jewelry in a smash and grab.

Six robbers armed with knives and hammers in Kingsbury, London, smashed through a shop named The Jeweler on mopeds, leading customers to flee from the scene. The staff inside the shop defended themselves with baseball bats as people gathered around the shop to witness the scene.

However, a group of around 40 shopkeepers and members of the community quickly gathered to defend the shop – an incredible moment luckily caught on camera by a bystander.

While one person threw a meat cleaver at the thieves, others launched shopping trolleys and pallets towards them, in attempts to chase them away.

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The video posted above shows a robber on the moped losing his balance and falling off. The shopkeepers immediately pin him down with a wooden pallet and stop him from escaping.

Meanwhile, the other five robbers managed to flee, scattering gold along the way, which was picked up and handed back to the store.

As it turns out, a whopping 15 kg of gold was stolen during the encounter, although the situation could have been much worse had the community not come together to save the day.

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"I'm very happy everyone helped. I say thanks to all those people. They did a very good thing for me," the store manager Sami Said said. 

In an interview with the CID, his son said that in order to express their gratitude toward the shopkeepers for their kind deed, the father-son duo are planning to host a feast.

Furthermore, a suspect was arrested near the location of the robbery and is currently being held at a North London Police station for questioning.

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