Utter Chaos: Kosovo Parliament Hit By Fresh Wave Of Tear Gas Protests

A group of disgruntled lawmakers decided to fill the chamber with smoke to force the government to revoke agreements with Serbia and Montenegro.

For the sixth time in two months, tear gas has once again been unleashed in the hall of the Kosovo assembly in Pristina.

The nation’s top officials were examining deals to grant more powers to Kosovo’s ethnic Serbians and to negotiate with Montenegro regarding the national borders, when the opposition members decided to disrupt the session on Monday.

In an attempt to force the government to renounce the agreements, the opposition member set off two tear gas canisters during a morning session. The smoke forced other lawmakers to flee the hall as the opposition MPs donned gas masks and stood by demonstratively.

The officials tried to restart the parliamentary session in another room, forbidding the MPs who opened the canisters from entering the chamber. However, four opposition lawmakers eventually got in and interrupted the discussion yet again in a similar fashion.

Meanwhile, a number of people staged a protest outside the Kosovo parliament building, demanding the government to revoke the deals. Police reportedly dispersed some 150 protestors while arresting three for misconduct.

The opposition has been trying to block these discussions from Kosovo’s parliament for quite some time now. During the past three months, they resorted to violent methods — using pepper spray, whistles, water bottles and eggs to create disruptions.

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