Looks Like The Ku Klux Klan Is On A Recruiting Rampage

It seems the country’s most notorious white supremacist/terrorist organization has started cashing in on the Charleston shooting.

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While much of the nation’s focus was fixed on taking down and debating Confederate flags in the wake of the Charleston shooting in South Carolina, the United States’ most notorious white supremacist organization was busy recruiting new members.

Citizens in different parts of the country were shocked to discover Ku Klux Klan fliers in their neighborhoods this past week.

Stuffed into zip-lock bags with rocks and Tootsie pops, the propaganda material included a phone number for the Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. The fliers were reportedly distributed in Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and California.  

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Fullerton, California

Orange County residents expressed their outrage after discovering around 100 plastic bags in West Amerige Avenue and North Yale Avenue.

“It’s just wrong. There’s no words. That’s what it is. Basically, there’s nothing right about it,” said Fullerton resident Alia Cass. “Racism isn’t born. It’s taught.”

Fullerton police stated that they intend to investigate the fliers to ensure against “additional activity that rises to the level of a crime or public safety concern.”

Rockdale, Georgia

“A coward," said Jonathan Espinosa, a resident. "I think this is an evil coward who's done this."

Rockdale County Sheriff Eric Levett found the appearance of the fliers more disturbing because of the timing. Although similar material is distributed frequently by the KKK, he stated that his department was going to take this very seriously.

"I want them to know that Rockdale County does not stand for this type of behavior," Levett said.

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Lake View, Alabama



Law enforcement officials in Lake View are consulting with the FBI after fliers were found in the Million Dollar Lake subdivision Jonesboro Heights community in Bessemer.

“I didn’t even know the KKK was alive and well,” Shannon Phillips of Lake View told WIAT. “I certainly didn’t know it was in our area. It disturbed me that they put Tootsie Rolls in here trying to appeal to children. I mean that’s just pathetic, sick, disgusting.”

Lake View Mayor Bruce Wade told WIAT denounced the fliers, saying they do not reflect the community’s views.

“You know everybody has their First Amendment right, but there’s also a whole lot of responsibility in that first amendment right. It’s just a shame that something like this has had to happen,” said Wade.

“I know our police department’s working on it. They’re working in conjunction with the FBI. They’re identified as a watch group with the FBI so this has been shared with them. And I’m sure, hopefully, they’ll be able to find who did this and hopefully something be done about it,” he added.

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