Kurdish Men And Women Dance Together To Celebrate ISIS’ Defeat In Kobani

With ISIS gone, Kobani Kurds rejoice to the beat of rhythm and music.

After four long months of bloodshed, Kurdish forces took full control of Kobani last week, ousting remaining the Islamic State fighters.

A video clip has emerged online showing a large group of young Kurdish fighters and civilians holding hands – men, women and children together – performing a traditional dance routine.

The celebrations come a day after ISIS, for the first time, admitted that U.S.-led air strikes have forced its fighters from the Syrian town. The terrorist group, however, has vowed to take it back.

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Kobani (or Kobane) is a town in northern Syria that ISIS militants have been trying to capture ever since they established a so-called caliphate last summer.

It is home to people of different ethnicities such as Arab, Turkmen and Armenian, but the majority of the population belongs to Kurdish people – one of the many communities severely being hunted down by terrorists in the region.

Since it is just six miles from the Turkish border, Kobani could become a potential gateway into Europe for the militants.

If ISIS succeeds in the fight for its siege, it could gain a foothold on the Turkish border and provide the group access to the black markets it needs to expand its illegal oil trade – which has reportedly been disrupted by U.S. airstrikes.

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Although ISIS has been driven away, for now, the rebuilding of the strategically important town remains a big challenge for the inhabitants and the government forces.

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