The Most Pathetic Excuse Yet On Why Gulf Nations Don’t Let Refugees In

After weeks of criticism over Gulf countries not doing enough to help Mediterranean refugees, one Kuwaiti commentator provides an explanation.

After European countries like Iceland, Germany and France welcomed refugees fleeing the Middle East with open arms, oil-rich Gulf states – primarily Saudi Arabia – have come under fire for doing next to nothing to help them.

Following a barrage of criticism, a Kuwaiti commentator finally tried to explain why his country and its wealthy neighbors don’t let desperate asylum-seekers in.

His reasons are pretty pathetic, to say the least.

For starters, Fahad Al Shalami told France24 in a television interview aired on Sept. 2 that Syrian refugees are “psychologically disturbed” people.

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Al Shalami said Gulf Cooperation Council countries are only meant to accommodate paid workers and not refugees relying on aid.

“Our countries are only fit for workers. It’s too costly to relocate them here,” he explained. “Kuwait is too expensive for them anyway, as opposed to Lebanon and Turkey which are cheap,” adding these countries are better suited for asylum-seekers.

As if these excuses weren’t ridiculous enough, the analyst went on to give the worst excuse for not helping refugees, especially the ones hailing from Syria.

“In the end, it is not right for us to accept a people that are different from us. We don’t want people who suffer from internal stress and trauma in our country.”

You can watch Al Shalami’s tirade in the YouTube video above.

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