Haters Play Race Card On Teen Accepted To All 8 Ivy League Schools

Kwasi Enin has the test scores, extracurriculars and stats to stand out -- so why are commenters so against his college admissions feat?

Getting accepted to one Ivy League college is exciting enough, but Kwasi Enin had eight times as many reasons to celebrate this admissions season. The New York teen was accepted to all eight Ivy League schools, a huge accomplishment that should be nothing but a celebration for his future.

Then Internet commenters got their inevitably snarky hands on the story.

Some reddit users, already not known for being the most sensitive of Internet commenters, targeted Enin's race, insinuating he has a leg up as a black applicant. 

Those comments didn't look past Enin's skin color to his accomplishments: He's ranked 11th in his senior class, according to CNN. He scored 2250 out of 2400 on the SAT. He plays three instruments, starred in school plays for four years, is in student government and volunteers at a local hospital. Oh yes, and he's also a shot put and discus thrower for the track and field team.

But for every snarky troll questioning Enin's qualifications, another person is willing to point out the absurdity of the argument that race alone gets someone into every Ivy League school. 

Enin has until May 1 to make his decision between the eight Ivies, plus the other four schools that accepted him. 

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