L.A In Midst Of 3 Day Homeless Count

Volunteers in Los Angeles are in the middle of finding out how many homeless people there are in the area.

Homeless in los Angeles

A three day count of homeless people in Los Angeles will end tomorrow. People from all over the country have volunteered their time to help collect data of how many people need a home, according to the Korea Times.

The 2015 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count has sent volunteers from 87 different deployment centers in order to get an accurate number of the amount of homeless people living in L.A.

Homelessness is defined as people living in places that are not meant for humans, including cars, parks, and empty buildings, according to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Therefore, the volunteers will head to these kind of areas to perform the count. Additionally, homeless shelters under the Los Angeles Housing Homeless Services Authority will be conducting surveys to find more information about the demographics of homeless people, asking questions about how they became homeless and how long they've been homeless in addition to age, race, ethnicity, etc.

The count is an effort to identify how many people require assistance and to use the information collected by volunteers as a resource to create better programs for these individuals and families who need help finding a home. 

The count is done by volunteers every two years, and according to Executive Director Peter Lynn, "Volunteers will make a difference in their community, and the lives of their homeless neighbors, by committing four hours of their time."

The NYC Homeless Count will be happening Feb. 9th.

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