Epic Fast Food Crisis: McDonald’s Japan Is Running Out Of Fries

This is a truly troubling crisis for the world of fast food.

mcdonalds japan fries

Labor disputes on the West Coast of the United States have resulted in a shortage of potatoes being supplied to one of the prominent Asian markets for fast food. As a result of which, over 3000 McDonald’s outlets in Japan have decided to restrict their servings of French fries.  

Japan gets its supply of frozen fries from the U.S. entirely. But the labor dispute between some 20,000 dock workers and Pacific Maritime Association has been going on since October, and is yet to be resolved.

Consequently, the next batch of potato goodness won’t arrive in Japan until January 2015.

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So what is McDonald’s in Japan trying to do to deal with this supply-demand problem? Well, the only thing it can do is to minimize the distribution by taking away that upsize option.

There’s no limit to how many small fries you can order – but for people who feel strongly about “lovin’ it” when it comes to all things potato, this could be a real bummer.

Perhaps the “fry defender” app that was launched by McDonald’s Canada might have a more suitable market in Japan. Thank goodness there’s nothing to hamper the supply of sushi. 

Now You Won’t Be Able To Steal Other People’s French Fries, Thanks To McDonald’s

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