Largest Animal Slaughter In The World Starts In Nepal

Indian news is reporting that the number of animals killed this year is up to 500,000


Animal activists are horrified as the largest mass animal sacrifice in the world started in Nepal today. The bloody throat-slitting killings are part of a festival for Gadhimai, a Hindu goddess

It is very festive here, everyone is excited,” said Mangal Chaudhary, the head priest at the slaughter, according to Al-Jazeera.

The festival, is named after a Hindu goddess. The sacrifices are made to honor her and feature the slitting of animals’ throats over two days. Rats are included in the killing, chicken and goat meat are distributed to the masses.  Buffalo hides are auctioned after dumping their heads in a large pit.

The 2009 festival reportedly saw about 300,000 animals slaughtered. That number may be up to half a million this year. 

A petition on reading "Stop Gadhimai Festival Massacre in November 2014" was unsuccessful 

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