Last Footage Filmed by Journalist Mika Yamamoto Before She was Killed During in Syria (Video)

Japan Press releases the last footage filmed by journalist Mika Yamamoto before she was killed during a gunfight in Syria.

These are the last images filmed by Japanese journalist Mika Yamamoto before her death on August 21st, 2012.

The award winning Japan Press journalist died from her wounds after a gunfight between Syrian forces and rebel fighters in Aleppo.

This footage was taken just hours before she was killed.

Yamamoto herself appears on film, as does her colleague and husband Kazutaka Sato who survived the gunfight.

Four gunshots can be heard in the very last scene that she filmed. Following an autopsy, Yamamoto's body will be taken to Istanbul before being repatriated to Japan.

Yamamoto is the first Japanese and fourth foreign journalist killed in the Syrian civil war that began in March 2011. She is the fifteenth journalist killed in Syria in 2012.

Yamamoto had previously served in war zones of Kosovo, Bosnia, Chechnya, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Uganda as well.

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