Latest Challenge: Burn The ISIS Flag

It’s the "Ice Bucket Challenge" against terrorism.

Burn ISIS Flags

On Saturday, three Lebanese young men in Beirut protested ISIS by burning the extremist group's flag. It wasn't an actual banner but paper with the flag printed on it. The burning happened in the middle of a busy public square and after being posted on YouTube, the video quickly turned into a social media sensation.

The viral campaign is similar to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge where people nominate others to douse themselves in cold water and donate money for ALS research. There's no money involved in the symbolic ISIS flag-burning, just a desire to virtually strike back at an organization terrorizing those who oppose their beliefs.

The hashtag #BurnISISFlagChallenge has taken off across all social media platforms, especially in Lebanon after ISIS beheaded of one of the country's soldiers. However, some are not happy with the protest campaign and are calling for those found burning the flag to face "stern punishment."

Lebanon's justice minister Ashraf Rifi accused the original flag burners of insulting Islam. Their banner featured the words: "There is no god but God and Muhammad is his Prophet," written on it.

Nabil Naqoula, a member of Lebanon's Change and Reform parliamentary group, dismissed Rifi's suggestions the group intended to insult Islam.

"The youths who burned the ISIS flag did not mean to insult the Islamic religion," adding that "this flag does not represent Islam in the slightest," said Naqoula.

President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron are discussing defeating ISIS with other world leaders in Wales at NATO summit meetings this weekend.


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