Leaders Into Final Campaign Push For Votes

Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg are into their final day push for votes, as polls suggest the election result is on a knife edge.Conservative leader Mr Cameron, who campaigned through the night, said he was fighting "for every vote".Labour Prime Minister Mr Brown said he was "determined" and "resolute" and was "fighting for Britain's future".But Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg urged people to use their votes to prevent a return to the two-party "stitch-up". The higher turnout of a general election will ensure that millions of people who otherwise would not vote in council polls will do so. This is generally assumed to favour Labour, whose core supporters are less diligent than those of the Tories or Liberal Democrats in turning out at every opportunity.Until the opinion polls shifted sharply in the wake of the first televised party leaders' debate, Labour was set fair for significant gains in the council elections. The closeness of the three main parties now makes it much