Leaked Footage Of El Chapo's Escape Reveals Mexican Government's Lies

New leaked footage with audio reveals hidden details of El Chapo's escape that the Mexican government didn't want us to know.

As the saying goes, "what’s done in the dark always comes out in the light" and that is exactly the case for the Mexican government and the guards on duty at the time of Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s infamous prison escape.

New footage of El Chapo’s July 11 escape from the Altiplano maximum-security prison was leaked to Televisa and made public Wednesday, according to Yahoo News.

Original footage released back in July by the Mexican government contained no audio and was fairly short but this new, extended video reveals several details that just don’t add up.

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In the new video, you can hear banging noises coming from El Chapo's cell and he can be seen pacing back and forth from his shower and bending down, tending to the hole from which he was about to escape.

During that time, none of the guards reacted to the noises or went to check in on what their inmate was up to.

Government officials initially said that the guards on duty responded to El Chapo’s cell 18 minutes after he was gone, but the unedited leaked footage indicates that the guards didn’t acknowledge that his cell was empty until 25 minutes after the escape. What’s more, officials didn’t even go into the cell to investigate until 37 minutes had passed.

Opposition senator and member of Congress’s bicameral security committee — Alejandro Encinas — has reportedly accused the Mexican government of “lying and hiding information.” 

More than a dozen officials have been arrested in connection with the escape so far, including many of the guards, the prison director and the head of Mexico’s national penitentiary system. 

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I really hope it was worth it, jeopardizing their integrity and ruining their careers to cover up losing the most notorious kingpin in Mexico.

Or maybe...the government wasn't covering up the embarrassing fact that they lost El Chapo, but rather hiding that their trusted guards helped him? 

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