Leaked Video Shows Crash That Led To China-Japan Dispute

(AlJazeera) Japan has said it is investigating whether online video clips that appear to show a Chinese fishing boat colliding with Japanese patrol vessels are authentic.

The collision in September near disputed isles in the East China Sea, the site of vast potential gas and oil reserves, sparked a diplomatic spat between the two Asian giants.

Japan detained the Chinese skipper of the trawler, which made him a hero in China.

The clips were posted on the video sharing website YouTube early on Friday, threatening to reignite the China-Japan row.

Naoto Kan, the embattled Japanese prime minister, has faced heavy criticism domestically for freeing the captain and tensions between the two countries have chilled since the incident.

"We need to look into the authenticity of such clips," Yoshito Sengoku, the chief cabinet secretary, told a news conference.

Japanese TV news programmes also aired the video clips, which showed a blue boat bearing a Chinese name colliding with two patrol boats as sirens blared and Japanese crew shouted "halt".