#LetAymanreport: NBC Pulls Ayman Mohyeldin From Gaza Despite Powerful Reporting


NBC News Journalist Ayman Mohyeldin was pulled out of Gaza by NBC news executives due to “security concerns.” After gaining wide recognition for his powerful reporting on the Israel-Palestine conflict, Mohyeldin was replaced by another foreign correspondent, Richard Engel. Many are questioning the motives behind the replacement of Mohyeldin.

Tragically, Mohyeldin became an eye-witness of the conflict yesterday when four Palestinian children were bombed on a Gazan Beach shortly after playing soccer with them. Mohyeldin covered this account in detail through his various social media accounts and the air.

Although Mohyeldin was able to cover the horrific event first hand he was not the one covering it on last night's NBC’s Nightly News with Brian Williams, Engel was covering it instead.

It was reported that NBC News staffers were angered by the fact that Mohyeldin was not the one reporting on the Gazan Beach bombing. However NBC staffers are not the only ones angered, many have taken to Twitter and other social media to voice their frustrations as well. They are using the hashtag #LetAymanreport. Below are some comments from Mohyeldin’s Twitter account.


This CodePink Facebook post shows another vivid example of the utterly distorted coverage of the Gaza war in the American mainstream media.


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