Libyans Vow To Protest Despite Violence From Government --Video

Thousands of mourners, some carrying coffins above their heads, crowded into the streets of Benghazi, Libya, on Sunday as the protests against longtime ruler Moammar Gadhafi showed no sign of letting up.

The crowds walked as part of a funeral for several people killed in clashes that began Saturday afternoon between civilians and security forces loyal to Gadhafi, eye witnesses told CNN.

The protesters said the violent crackdown by security forces since demonstrations started last week has left them energized.

The reported death toll grew quickly over the weekend, passing 180.

Two medical sources in two hospitals in Benghazi told CNN that 97 people were killed in the city since Saturday, following clashes between protesters and security forces. All those confirmed dead were wearing civilian clothing and are believed to be protesters, the sources said.

Medical sources at a Misratah hospital said at least three died and 70 were wounded in clashes Saturday between security forces and anti-government protesters. Three of those injured were in critical condition, the sources said.

On Friday, Human Rights Watch said 84 people had been killed by government security forces. The group cited interviews with hospital staff and witnesses. CNN could not independently verify the numbers.

Meanwhile, a doctor in Benghazi said her facility is taking on trauma patients because a trauma hospital in the city is inundated by those injured.