Life of Pi's David Magee to Script Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair

Life of Pi's David Magee has officially been announced as the screenwriter for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair.

After its development was officially announced in October, the fourth installment in The Chronicles of Narnia film series has found someone to pen the tale. David Magee, best known for writing the screenplay for the film adaptation of Life of Pi, will script The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair.

Featuring The Voyage of the Dawn Treader’s Eustace Scrubb (played by Will Poulter in the 2010 film), The Silver Chair will be the first installment that will not include the Pevensie children as main players. The official C.S. Lewis site describes the book as the following:

“Through dangers untold and caverns deep and dark, a noble band of friends is sent to rescue a prince held captive. But their mission to Underland brings them face-to-face with an evil more beautiful and more deadly than they ever expected.”

Due to the large gaps between releases, the Narnia film series has not quite gained as much of a following as other fantasy-based series (e.g. Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings). That said, the franchise currently sits as the 25th highest grossing film series of all time, having grossed a total sum of nearly $1.6 billion.

Mark Gordon and Douglas Gresham along with Vincent Sieber, the LA based Director of The C.S. Lewis Company, will serve as producers and work with The Mark Gordon Company on developing the script for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair.

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