Life Or Art? Play The Romney Guessing Game!

Here's a little something to perk up your Monday: the Romney picture guessing game. Which ones are post-election shots of the candidate, and which are photoshop masterworks by artist Tavet Gillson?

Mitt Romney inspired many to action with his failed presidential bid, perhaps none more so than artist Tavet Gillson, who took to photoshopping the Republican presidential candidate into various situations, often showing a more human side than the real Mitt Romney was able to project. Here's one of Tavet's finest:

Amazingly, Romney's difficulty seeming authentic and Gillson's realistic works meet in the middle, making the two really hard to tell from one another. Can you guess which of these are photoshopped in, and which are the real Mitt, going about his post-election life? Answers below:

1. The Romneys return from the gym after a hard workout.

2. The former governor looks deep within and wonders what's next.

3. Romney and his favorite pal.

4. The next two are both kitchen shots. Only one is real.


6. This guy knows how to have a good time!

7. Romney putting the zest back in his post-election life.

8. Last one, almost everyone gets this wrong:


Answers: Real Romney: 1,4,7. Gillson's I Romney project: 2,3,5,6,8

Thanks for playing!


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