How Is Hillary Clinton Worse Than Kim Jong-Un? Lindsey Graham Explains

What has Hillary Clinton done to deserve this comparison?

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) is so furious with Hillary Clinton’s attitude towards media that he just compared her to the ruthless dictator of North Korea.

“[I]t’s easier to talk to Kim Jong-un than it is to her,” he told the New Hampshire Union Leader, adding the Democratic frontrunner for the 2016 president election is “making a fatal mistake of trying to insulate herself.”

Graham reiterated his views in a Fox & Friends interview, saying Clinton’s “biggest nightmare” is someone asking her, “‘Hey, do you think the war on terror is going well? Do you agree with Barack Obama’s foreign policy? If you don’t, tell us why.’”

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Graham, who says people shouldn’t vote for him if they’re tired of more wars, also denounced the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran:

“The Iranians – as we negotiate their nuclear program – have control over Syria, a lot of influence in Baghdad, Lebanon and Yemen,” he said.

While the Republican senator’s comparison was a little bizarre, he did make a point. After announcing her presidential bid, Clinton determinedly avoided press for weeks.

However, staying away from questions, especially the ones pertaining to foreign policy, especially when you’re a former Secretary of State running to become the president of the country, is simply not a wise approach for attracting voters.

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