Linus From Peanuts Knows More About Christmas Than Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly ought to read more cartoons. Maybe then he would know what Christmas is all about.

Popular Fox News yeller Bill O'Reilly clashed with Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee over the continuing use of drone warfare , whether Chafee is right to christen the winter-holiday themed pine-dropper a "Holiday Tree" instead of a "Christmas Tree." Chafee argued that a religious symbol should not be in a public building.

O'Reilly shot back: "It's a Christmas tree! It has nothing to do with religion?"

Oh really. Linus, set him straight.

So it's settled. The State of Rhode Island, Bill O'Reilly and Americans everywhere can gather together as the year comes to a close and celebrate amond their Babylonian Fertility Tree.


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