This Is How You Ensure The Taliban Sticks Around

The Taliban and its counterparts have terrorized the entire world. Afghanistan, Pakistan and surrounding region have been struggling to eliminate them. What have world governments been doing wrong in tackling the Taliban all these years?

There's a trending hashtag among Pakistanis on Twitter voicing their criticism of the government’s approach toward the Taliban in their country. Originating from Pakistan, #HowNotToEliminateTaliban is a sarcastic collection on what successive Pakistani governments have been doing incorrectly in tackling the world’s No. 1 enemy.

Last weekend gunmen claiming to be from Tehreek-e-Taliban, Pakistan, attacked Pakistan's main airport in Karachi, revealing how vulnerable the state still is to this group. The response on Twitter started soon after.

Nawaz Sharif's government tried to have peace talks (locally termed mazakraat) with the Taliban. And at the end of the day you only wished every body would agree on how to eliminate the sworn enemy!

The hypocrisy of the sides involved is criticized:

The social media avids throw some light on net activism, (mis)use of the net on the net and the bans against the net.

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