Frightened Teen Live Tweets Gaza Bombings

Farah Baker's tweets show how close Palestinian children are to death and destruction.

A Palestinian teen's live tweeting as Israel bombards Gaza is a devastating, terrifying look into what people are experiencing on the ground. 

Farah Baker, @Farah_Gazan, identifies herself as a 16-year-old who lives in the Gaza strip and is caught in the daily bomb assaults that have decimated neighborhoods and killed hundred of Palestinians. 

While Farah's accounts can't be independently verified, she is using every Twitter means -- Vine and Keek videos, photos and tweets -- to show what's happening in her neighborhood. It's simply heartbreaking.

Farah's pictures show pitch black skies over Gaza suddenly lit up by flares and explosions.

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She, like many Palestinian and Israeli kids, is witnessing violence no one so young should ever face. This is the third war for Palestinian children in their lifetime and death spares no one.

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