Liz Cheney Attacked For Being Too "Pro-Gay" By Senate Opponents

Despite claims of not supporting gay marriage, Dick Cheney's daughter Liz is being attacked by opponents in her Senate campaign for not being anti-gay enough.

One would think that Liz Cheney, scion to former Vice President Dick Cheney's political legacy, is running for the United States Senate in the state of Wyoming, Cheney's homeland, because reasons.  Of course, Cheney is trying her damnedest to unseat popular and ultra-conservative incumbent Mike Enzi in the Republican primary elections, using the fact that she is a political pundit and Dick Cheney's daughter as her supposed credentials.  However, in her efforts to push a giant boulder up Mount Everest gain voters, Cheney has come under attack for not being "anti-gay" enough.  That's right: Apparently, Liz Cheney's statements on gay marriage, being against it on a personal level, makes her "pro-gay."

The cause of anger for conservative opponents was Liz Cheney's statements in July over her stance on same-sex marriage.  Liz Cheney comes from a rather socially "liberal" family in that respect:  Her sister Mary is an open lesbian married to her partner and with a child from a surrogate, and her father Dick has come out in favor of same-sex marriage.  However, in an attempt to cater to the Republican base that will vote on her in next year's primary, Cheney recently came out to say that she herself is not pro-gay marriage, but would rather leave it to the state legislatures and courts than make it a national law.  This brought a sharp rebuke from Liz's sister.

In the attack ad shown above, that is not enough to placate opponents of Liz Cheney and supporters of Senator Mike Enzi.  They see Cheney's statement as a political calculation rather than an honest belief, and see her efforts against a federal amendment on same-sex marriage as being a problem.  Also a problem was Cheney's appearances on MSNBC, even though she was a regular contributor to Fox News.

When you see attack ads like this, you kind of see the weird world that the Republican Party has managed to hole itself into.  It is not enough that Liz Cheney has thumped hard against Obama's foreign policy, or even been a regular contributor to right-wing media.  No, Liz Cheney has to hate gays and has to pretend the center (since it is really hard to argue MSNBC being leftist in any sense of the term) does not exist.  There are plenty of other reasons to dismiss Liz Cheney's campaign for Senator: For one, she did not live in Wyoming until this year, when she began her run.  Before that, she had basically lived around Washington, DC all her life.  Cheney also seemed super-supportive of a strike in Syria as well as Iran, which Wyomingites are not particularly hot about.  So it is very weird that they target her for not being hardcore enough to supposedly "conservative" principles, rather than just not being Wyoming enough.

(Image Sources:  Thomas Roberts/Reuters)

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