Several Reporters Are Confirming Seymour Hersh’s Osama Bin Laden Story

Prominent journalists are confirming portions of Seymour Hersh's report on the Osama bin Laden killing.

Members of Obama Administration track mission of Osama bin Laden killing

Highly esteemed journalist, Seymour Hersh’s, hugely controversial report on the Osama Bin Laden killing has been denied by the White House, specifically stating Pakistan was not involved in the raid. Yet despite gaping holes in the story, many prominent reporters are backing Hersh’s account, Gawker reports.

Journalists from the New York Times and NBC News have confirmed portions of Hersh’s story.

New York Times correspondent, Carlotta Gall, wrote today that she also encountered evidence that supports Hersh’s claim that Pakistan had been hiding bin Laden.

 Two years later, when I was researching my book, I learned from a high-level member of the Pakistani intelligence service that the ISI had been hiding Bin Laden and ran a desk specifically to handle him as an intelligence asset. After the book came out, I learned more: that it was indeed a Pakistani Army brigadier — all the senior officers of the ISI are in the military — who told the C.I.A. where Bin Laden was hiding, and that Bin Laden was living there with the knowledge and protection of the ISI.

Gall further confirms Hersh’s claims by writing that a Pakistani newspaper reports “it was indeed a walk-in who provided the information on Bin Laden. The newspaper names the officer as Brigadier Usman Khalid."

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NBC News also confirmed three sources that state the ISI knew about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad.

Hersh’s report has been written off as a conspiracy theory, but these newly emerging verifications are drastically shifting the tone and begging the question, did the U.S. government really fabricate the original story?

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