Swarms of Locusts Plague Madagascar

Madagascar is under attack from unstoppable locust swarms, and fixing it will take an extreme amount of money.

It's like something out of the Old Testament. 

Swarms of buzzing, chewing, destructive locusts are eating Madagascar's precious crops. Eating might be too soft a word -- it's more like devouring with unstoppable force.

The plague is so widespread and dangerous that 13 million people's livelihoods are affected, according to the United Nations. That's more than half of the country's population.


Locust swarms are extremely damaging to crops. A large swarm -- which Madagascar is certainly experiencing -- can chew through 145,000 metric tons of plants daily. 


The UN is implementing a plan to get rid of the locusts, but estimates it will take nearly $44 million to stop and recover from the damage. This in a country suffering from unstable governance and extreme poverty. 

Check out the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations' photo galleries for more pictures of the locust plague and just how many of the insects Madagascar is up against. 

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