London: 9-Year-Old Prodigy Earns Piano Degree (VIDEO)

Nine-year-old Curtis Elton is a very gifted young man, just take a listen.

Nine-year-old Curtis Elton is a very gifted young man, just take a listen.

In fact he is the youngest person ever to receive a university-level piano diploma.

Curtis started playing the instrument at the age of three and says his love for music go beyond Schubert, or any other composer.

Music runs in his family. His mother Hayley is a concert pianist and was the youngest person to be admitted to London's Guildhall School of Music when she was just eight years old.

Perhaps it's her influence but the pint-sized prodigy has big plans for the future.

Curtis is also releasing a studio album in November called "Daydreams" that include pieces by Mozart and Bach.

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