You're Too Black To Enjoy Blues, Doorman Tells Music Fans

In an ironic turn of events, a London music club refused entry to university students claiming they were too black to enjoy blues.

London Blue Bars Denies

A London blues restaurant staffer is facing accusations of racism after a group of university students were denied entry by the doorman who claimed it “didn’t look like” they would like blues music.

A would-be patron known only as Ayo, 20, who was part of the university group said, the doorman later explained to the group, “I thought because you were black you would like rap music."

When the group complained to the manager, the doorman changed his tactic and said he didn’t let them in because they were underage. He also had the nerve to offer them a Fruitella as a way of compensation. However Ayo countered that the doorman made no mention of checking their IDs to verify their ages.

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The doorman was dismissed from his job over the complaint after the restaurant conducted an internal investigation.

Many people have commented on the unacceptable action of the Blues Kitchen.

Although no authentic source is confirmed, there were many mentions on social media about the lackadaisical attitude of the manager as well.

This turn of events is especially ironic because the blues music owes its 19th-century origin to the African-American communities of the Deep South. Black pioneer musicians like Robert Johnson, Bessie Smith and Muddy Waters are responsible for its evolution. The African-American communities have a lot to say about this blatant instant of public racial profiling.

A spokesperson has apologized on behalf of the Blues Kitchen and called such behavior against their policy.

“The Blues Kitchen is home to all colors, cultures and sexes. This isolated incident saddens us immensely. We are desperately sorry and will ensure, through improved hiring and training procedures, that something such as this will never happen again,” he said.

This isn’t the first time a club in London has racially profiled a minority group. Earlier this year, Soho nightclub refused entry to actress Zalika Miller, stating that she was too dark-skinned to enter the club.

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