‘You Ain’t No Muslim, Bruv’: London Responds To Tube Stabbing

A hashtag based on the words of a bystander becomes the collective British response to the London subway station stabbing.

A stabbing in a London subway station, which injured three men, is now being investigated as a "terrorist incident."

The unidentified assailant yelled, “This is for Syria,” before advancing toward passengers. Footage of the attack recorded by witnesses shows a pool of blood on the floor of the Leytonstone Underground station before the suspect is subdued by several police officers.

Londoners tweeted their reactions to the horrific incident but it wasn’t the suspected terrorist they talked about.

As the attacker was tased and pinned down to the floor, a bystander yelled, “You ain't no Muslim, bruv,” at him. (Bruv is a London slang for brother.)

The words soon became a hashtag and the collective British response to the incident.

It was a nice gesture of solidarity, considering hate crimes rose 300 percent in Britain in the week following the coordinated terrorist attacks in Paris.

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Of the three men injured, one man, thought to be 56 years old, suffered serious but not life-threatening injuries. He is reportedly in a stable condition at a local hospital.

"I am treating this as a terrorist incident," Richard Walton, head of the Counter Terrorism Command at London's Metropolitan Police, said in a statement.

Leytonstone Mosque Imam Imran Patel also released a statement, condemning the stabbing.

“We are extremely saddened by the event that occurred at Leytonstone underground station yesterday evening,” he said. “This was an individual who we do not know and he is not a member of the congregation of Leytonstone and his motives he can only answer for himself. We strongly condemn any sort of violence and terrorism and any violent acts. Islam does not allow and does not have any place for any violence and terrorism.”

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The attack comes two days after Britain joined U.S.-led air strikes against Islamic State in Syria after the British parliament voted to support Prime Minister David Cameron’s plans to extend military intervention from Iraq to Syria.

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