#100Days100Nights: Rival L.A. Gangs Compete To Gun Down 100 People

After the death of a “Rollin 100” gang member, two rival L.A. street gangs have reportedly issued a challenge to kill 100 people in 100 days.

Gangs defacing public streetscapes with graffiti is downright quaint compared to what Los Angeles street gangs allegedly have in the works. It's appears that rival gangs have taken their vicious feuds to social media, spreading fear among the residents with their rumored competition to kill 100 people – either criminals or innocents – as fast as possible.

The deadly movement, tagged on Twitter and Instagram as #100Days100Nights, has put citizens on the edge – particularly after the uptick of shooting incidents over the weekend that left one dead and 11 injured.

A large number of people have taken to social media to warn others of the imminent bloodshed and chastising the rival gangs for participating in the sickening contest. Various posts on Twitter claim that driving between the streets of Western and Normandie in South L.A. could be extremely dangerous.

Meanwhile, a vast number of people are tagging pictures and videos with the hashtag to express support for the movement.

The challenge reportedly started after the death of KP, a member of the Rollin 100 gang.

As the story goes, gang members of two rival gangs made a bet to see who can kill 100 people faster than the other. The internal feud somehow made its way to social media and the increase in violent crimes over the weekend verified these threats to some extent.

#100days100nights highlights the changing trend of gangs with street presence moving their feuds to the battlegrounds of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Although there’s no concrete evidence available as of yet, law enforcement officials are taking the posts very seriously. LAPD South Bureau Deputy Chief Bill Scott noted that the department is closely monitoring online activity around the hashtag #100days100nights.

“We don't have any information, any valid credible information, that the rumor – that social media post – is actually valid,” said Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief George Villega. “What we're doing is chasing it down through social media, but what we're finding (is) it's circular. It's one person saying that they heard from another person and we're not able to identify it to any one particular gang or gang member.”

Meanwhile, KP's family members claim that the full-time single father was loosely affiliated with a gang, but he did not participate in their gang-related activities. The relative, on the condition of being anonymous, said the deceased had turned his life around after the birth of his son in hopes of improving the child’s future.

“It's making him look like a bad person. It's not like he started this and got killed behind it. He had no control over what's going on with #100Days100Nights,” the family member told The Daily Beast. “It's just gonna put them in the same situation. You either are going to die behind this or go to jail behind this. It's not gonna make a difference, it's just making it worse.”

While the bet could just be a hype created to scare people, the surge in violent crimes in 77th District – one of L.A.’s most dangerous neighborhoods – has worried local residents. In fact, a civil rights group has planned a community meeting to ask rival gangs to call an immediate ceasefire.

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