This Town In Mississippi Is Determined To Do What The State Couldn’t

With more than half of the U.S. states rejecting Syrian refugees, this small town of big-hearted residents has stepped forward to open its doors.

Syrian refugees

Louise, a little town in Mississippi, passed a resolution on November 17 in favor of welcoming refugees from the war-torn nations.

Although some residents are opposed to the idea, citing limited resources, the town went ahead with the decision.

Louise has a small population of only 199 people, as of 2010, with big hearts who have opened their doors to helpless individuals turned away by their state.

Referencing Christianity, the resolution states, “This town’s governing body fears no threat, but rather feels its Christian duty and obligation to divine providence which has led this great nation from its founding to contribute relief for these poor peoples’ needs.”

Mississippi, refugees

Mississippi is one of those around 28 US states which have opposed the entry of Syrian refugees in response to the Paris terror attacks. Governor Phil Bryant has said he will do "everything humanly possible" to block Syrian refugees from arriving in his state. 

The big step by this small town to disregard its government’s stance is nothing short of defiance. It is also a reminder of how people can come forward to help refugees even when the authorities would not.

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