Christie, Paul Complain Debate Greenrooms Look Like Bathrooms

Instead of dealing with important matters, some GOP campaign staff decided to gripe about disparity between greenrooms at the debate venue.

Tensions amongst campaigns are flaring as we approach the third GOP debate this evening. No, it's not because of another one of Carly Fiorina's lies or a racist outburst from Trump but rather the distinct differences in the backstage greenrooms reserved for popular candidates vs. low-polling candidates.

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Advisers of Rand Paul and Chris Christie lashed out at the RNC during a meeting yesterday at the Coors Event Center, accusing the committee of giving them very modest greenrooms while offering lavish ones to candidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson who are ranking higher in the polls.

During a walk-through of the debate site, candidates saw Trump’s spacious room complete with plush chairs and a flat-screen TV, Marco Rubio’s "theater-esque" looking room and Carly Fiorina’s Jacuzzi.

Meanwhile, Christie and Pauls' rooms were equipped with ... toilets.

“This is ridiculous,” fumed Christie’s campaign manager, Ken McKay. “We’re in a restroom.”

Paul’s team also chimed in, with one adviser, Chris LaCivita, demanding that something be done to rectify the situation.

“Was there any advance done on the campaign work spaces?” he reportedly asked. “Because it sure as hell doesn’t seem like it.”

The real issue here is … who cares?!

No, the RNC shouldn't exhibit favoritism and blah blah ... but ultimately, it's such a trivial argument!

Note to GOP: Concern yourselves with the campaigns you’re running and the debate that’s about to take place and stop whining about who has the better greenroom. 

This type of petty dispute alludes to the bigger problem among these GOP candidates. They are entitled, privileged snobs treating this election like a popularity contest.

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Maybe all the Jacuzzis and the flat screens are serving as distractions and that’s why these candidates can’t get it together at the podium. 

After the complaining, RNC officials reportedly agreed to address the disparity between work spaces and they improved the area designated for Paul which LaCivita later tweeted a photo of ... Although, there may have been a hint of sarcasm. 

Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @LaCivitaC

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